Standard Moving Blanket Scan-2 copy.jpeg

Thomas Huston

Standard Moving Blankets for The Stolbun Collection is a project by Thomas Huston organized around The Stolbun Collection's Chicago project space through the end of the current lease in May, 2017. “Home Depot Standard Moving Blanket(s)” and “Home Depot Small Stretch Wrap” are used to secure and wrap artworks, creating transitory sculptures that necessarily only exist in this in-between. All artwork moving in and out of the project space–along with moving other artwork related to The Stolbun Collection–will become part of this project. Through sculptural and photographic processes, Huston points towards the life of objects in the world and the human labor that activates these objects. The project makes visible and meaningful the liminal area between spaces of making, collecting, and exhibiting. A set of blankets is dedicated specifically for the use and re-use of The Stolbun Collection throughout the duration of the project. The title of each blanket will document the artworks that it has covered. A future exhibition and publication for the project is forthcoming.