Ultraviolet Production House

Bahamas Biennale

MAY 27–JULY 15 2017


Ultra Violet Production House, is an Etsy store by Joshua Citarella and Brad Troemel that provides collectors with do-it-yourself material kits for artworks and fabrication guidance. Works on the store are advertised as digital composites of products sourced from just in time online retailers, presenting a hypothetical view of what the completed work will look like after assembly. Once purchased, collectors are sent parts, tools, and tutorials for fabrication as well as a certificate of authenticity. They may then choose to assemble the work or leave their shipping boxes of parts and tools unopened in mint condition. Started as a way around going into debt to produce artwork, UV’s business model requires minimal start up costs, eliminating the need for studio rents, material tests and storage. Instead, the artists look to spend maximum time on new ideas for products and use composites as a way to let the market decide and pay up front for whichever work it demands.


Showroom presents the second stage of Ultra Violet Production House after 2 years running and 200 unique products released: UV is pleased to announce it now offers pre-assembled fabrication as a premium option for all works purchased. After Showroom, collectors can choose between fabricating their own works (as has been the case) or receiving works pre-assembled. All future UV works will continue to be presented as composites first. Moving forward, as works are purchased with pre-assembly, product listings will be updated to include both the fabricated result as well as the previous composite. UV’s hope in offering pre-assembly is to encourage an understanding that all of the store’s products can be purchased and be made real at any time, that the memetic value of a composited image on Instagram isn’t mutually exclusive to its fabrication potential as a collected work. With this addition UV looks to strengthen its business model to continue to allow for new, direct forms of patronage autonomous from the production debt artists are expected to shoulder. As such Showroom is a presentation of works sponsored by The Stolbun Collection.


The works featured in Showroom were chosen for their ability to translate to an exhibition experience; they are pieces about art and its history rather than the various small business proposals, interior designs, clothing, and edible goods that are also available through UV’s store. Please enjoy this collection of all-new works and don’t forget to like, comment, and share UV products online.